Slide high-speed colour H EXPOSURE TIME ACCELERATOR It reduces colouring and bleaching processing times by 1/3 Slide color
& tone
PLATINO CENERE AND PLATINO PERLA + SPECIFIC ACTIVATOR They neutralise any colour changes, tone and refresh hair colour and make hair superbly shiny
Slide color
& sublime
SUBLIME COLOUR + INTENSE PROTECTION A soothing serum and cosmetic colour in one, offering an unprecedented colour service
Slide volumaze V FOUR PRODUCTS, MAXIMUM VALUE Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and mousse: your new best friends are enriched with Keratin and Wheat Protein to create volume Slide keratin K THE RESTRUCTURING POWER OF KERATIN The Keratin lotion penetrates the hair shaft to repair dry, damaged hair


gourmet line

The right choice of raw materials fused with a unique combination of premium-quality active ingredients: embrace a new concept of luxury and indulge your hair with exclusive treatments from the new Gourmet Line.

With Gourmet, Allwaves Laboratories has gone haute cuisine, creating a moreish range especially for women who want to infuse their locks with lasting nourishment and shine.


new style codes

Hairsprays, mousses, gels and sprays: a range made up of the best professional products to suit every style, but most importantly: yours.

Fix, enhance, shape and add shine: if achieving the ideal style is your final destination, then your journey to perfection has a stopover with Allwaves styling.

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seduce yourself

A seductive caress. A visionary concept that showcases and reveals your hair’s natural beauty. Style, beauty or wellbeing: why choose one when you can have them all? Succumb to the Allwaves experience, a new concept that combines professional performance and Italian cosmetic tradition.

The absolute proof that it is possible to obtain optimum results using only the purest ingredients, visibly enhancing the locks application after application.

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