Color Cream – Colour enhancing range + Tone Activator


Nuance colour enhancers: Platino Cenere and Platino Perla

The AllWaves Colour Enhances range has a new formula with a low ammonia content that neutralises any undesirable yellow effect after bleaching, without altering the natural or dyed base colour.

It comprises two nuances: Platino Cenere, to neutralise any yellow-orange hues and create a colder shade, and Platino Perla, to neutralise any yellow-orange hues and give the hair a violet tinge.

Tone Activator

This is the specific AllWaves activator to be used exclusively together with the Colour-enhancing nuances.

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Technical characteristics of the Colour enhancing nuances

  • Formula with a low ammonia content
  • They tone and refresh hair colour after bleaching
  • They neutralise any colour changes and tone hair streaks
  • Suitable for use on the same day on which the hair is bleached
  • They make hair superbly shiny
  • To be mixed exclusively with the AllWaves Tone Activator (ratio 1:1.5)

Application and timing

  • Wearing suitable gloves, apply the mixture to the areas concerned after washing and pat-drying the hair.
  • Leave the product to react for 5 to 10 minutes without applying any heat and checking the colouring effect visually. Less time may be needed in the case of porous, sensitised hair, or more time (but never exceeding 20 minutes), in the case of visible undesired shades of yellow/orange and for a more intense result.