Sublime Potion – Soothing serum

what is it

Sublime Potion is a soothing and dermo-protective serum which, when mixed with the colouring cream, protects the skin and the hair, brightening the colour.

how does it work

Thanks to its latest-generation formula, Sublime Potion provides instant relief during colouring: the Aloe Vera extract coats the hair, creating a film that reduces redness and itching, while the Sunflower Oil protects and brightens the cosmetic colour. A few drops of soothing serum are enough to unleash the exclusive dermo-calming action and mitigate the stress linked to the service for protected and shiny hair.

+ info

The soothing serum for professional use is offered in a 70 ml size. Mix with the Allwaves  colouring cream during the preparation stage.