Spray’n Go – Dry shampoo with Keratin and Argan Oil

what is it 

Spray ‘n Go is a dry shampoo that deeply cleanses hair without the use of water or traditional cleaning products.

how does it work

Formulated with Keratin, Argan Oil and purifying extracts that absorb excess sebum and impurities from the hair, Spray ‘n Go dry shampoo  is a must-have for speedy cleansing in an emergency or if you are short on time. Sprayed onto the lengths, it ensures clean and fragrant hair in just a few minutes.

+ info

The dry shampoo is offered in a 200 ml size. Spray a few centimetres from the crown to remove impurities and that weighed down feeling from the roots and lengths. Leave for a few minutes and brush the hair to remove any residue.